At the Crestwood store, the latest couples act suspiciously

Tate produces derogatory comments with the Amy delivering back to relationship and you will Mateo offers to place Amy with one of his true five single cousins

“High Volume Shop”: While the personnel enter into a revenue madness are re also-classified while the a beneficial “Quad-A” shop and also a pizza Hut, Amy meets Jonah and you may Dina from the whiteboard thermometer tracking the latest improvements to help you $80,000. Jonah was skeptical regarding what takes place on shop if the it’s re also-classified and you may convinces Amy and you may Dina to visit brand new “Quad-A” Cloud nine Crestwood Shop which have your to check it out. In the Crack Space at Crestwood store, this new couples is actually comatose and you may weeping. Amy gathers the employees for an event from the Factory to encourage them to not feel a beneficial “Quad-A” shop. When she states the staff won’t reach consume on Pizza Hut everyone is aboard so you can sluggish conversion except y assigns staff in order to obligations they will be bad within and additionally putting Kelly to the a check out and therefore she is never complete and you will y highest-fives Dina after she insults a customer however they hear an excellent siren come off. The employees go to the bucks reports where they learn how to its headache you to Bo keeps bought a spa hence puts the brand new store’s conversion more $80,100000. In the Crack Area, the staff remain depressed and attempt to deal with the store commonly end up being “Quad-A”. Kelly requires ways to get currency spots away from the girl hand hence produces Amy and you will Dina see the woman is been accepting counterfeit debts. When they count brand new counterfeit currency, they leaves the sales shape below $80,000 so that the shop are not re also-classified. Amy hugs Kelly.

“Angels and you will Mermaids”: Cheyenne asks Amy’s advice on the best Eco-friendly Big date pinata to own Harmonica’s birthday celebration. Amy means Minions or mermaids templates alternatively and falsely compares Green Date in order to mermaids. About Split Room, the staff help Cheyenne with situations getting an excellent mermaid motif birthday celebration class. Cheyenne raises the girl mom Brandi in order to Amy. Brandi asks Amy in case the shop has an eco-friendly Date item into the birthday party and when Amy wonders what happened to help you new mermaid theme, Brandi politely informs her in your thoughts her own business. Amy and Jonah see Brandi create Cheyenne go shopping for Environmentally friendly Big date facts toward class and you will Amy conveys the woman anger on Brandi. While they shelve facts, Amy informs Cheyenne you to an eco-friendly Big date theme class is actually a beneficial mistake and this Cheyenne doesn’t have accomplish everything you their mommy informs her to do. Within Java Bakery, Cheyenne informs Brandi she does not want to accomplish an eco-friendly Go out people resulting in admonishment regarding Brandi to your Amy for meddling. That it initiate Cheyenne on good tirade from bad options in addition to maybe not going to university. Amy’s tries to target the options but can not score a phrase in more than Cheyenne while Brandi glares in the Amy. Brandi and you can Amy (who may have today with the Brandi’s top) meet with Cheyenne and you will give their she must make smarter lifestyle possibilities. Amy are astonished whenever Brandi says Cheyenne has to lose Bo. Cheyenne makes and offer them new digit. Brandi and Cheyenne have worked away the variations and you can tease Amy to have offering extreme pointers. Cody guides from the and you may insults Amy’s locks

She thinks that a good mermaid team was objectively much better than a great Eco-friendly Big date group and you will strolls aside in the disgust given that Jonah says he wants Environmentally friendly Time and this she must not butt-in Cheyenne’s reference to her Mom

She foretells brand new animal’s handler Devon while you are Mateo and you can Cheyenne lookup on the. Whenever Devon finds out Amy try separated, the guy requires the girl aside but Amy is really amazed she stammers following happen to leaves their hand-in brand new groundhog cage. The brand new groundhog hits her in addition to cage was knocked more. Within Drugstore, Tate food Amy’s groundhog bite when you find yourself Cheyenne gets Amy kudos having Devon flirting together. Amy refuses as she is concentrating on by herself and you can mentions some from the woman circumstances which leads Tate to summarize she is fantastically dull. Hearing one to Amy has returned on the y so you can their apartment and this she refuses in pretence you to she would not big date people off performs.